To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Panike® initiated its rebranding process in 2016. It was necessary to start communicating its brand according to what the quality of its products and the intents that the implementation of a new strategy, of a pioneer brand on its industry, demands.



With a deep respect for the brand’s history, the rebranding process was done in order to transport the DNA of its legacy for today’s day. A typeface designed to reflect all the emotional load from the first logo, designed by the founder, up to the version more recent and more well-known by the public.


The product catalogue was the first demonstration of the brand’s new positioning, with a clean assignment of colours for each category of products and a transversal photographic production for all the communication (both printed and digital).


The packaging design and fleet were also rethought to the new universe Panike®, always with the product highlighted. Most certainly, throughout Portugal, they have already given you a good day with Panike’s products.



Panike® relaunches its brand with a lighter and more focused communication, reinforcing and reaffirming its repositioning, conveying a feeling of confidence for the brand. The site, perhaps the most important piece, is now released.


A well-deserved recognition to all the teams involved in this long process: Bürocratik, responsible for the work of branding, catalogue and website, its. your studio responsible for photography and Favo Studio responsible for the video. We are all Panike®.