Panike® launched its new video – coinciding with its presence in the USA at the IDDBA international fair – about one of Portugal’s best kept secrets: the Pastel de Nata (also known as Pastel de Belém). Here, it is presented all the process until the moment of consumption of this typical Portuguese delight.



In this video, we seek to present not only the Pastel de Nata and its preparation process but also involve it in all its tradition and history of Portugal.

When it comes to making the best Pastel de Nata we guarantee that we treat with all respect the history of the recipe of this delicious product. That is why in the selection of ingredients – and knowing the importance of making the right choice, – we select free range eggs of Portuguese origin to guarantee all their colour and taste. The filling is still prepared by following the traditional recipe and without the addition of any instant mix, and its pastry is still prepared manually, guaranteeing the authenticity and the artisanal touch. All combined with the very best state-of-art technology. And it is this combination that makes it possible to always present a quality product with all the flavour of the tradition.




It is with the dedication of all – at the Panike® – that we bring to you and the world, day after day, the delicious Pastel de Nata; a generous portion of history and flavour of Portugal.