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Clean Label

We advocate that food should be as natural as possible, free of artificial additives and undergoing minimal processing. We insist on maximum transparency, making our labels simple, of direct reading and easy interpretation.

It's simple - we want to preserve authenticity and confidence in our products.

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GMO free products

The ingredients of our products do not come from artificially engineered organisms. This decision will remain unchallenged until scientific knowledge determines, in the long term, the impact of this technology on the environment, health, economy and sustainable development.

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Without hydrogenated fats

We do not use partially or fully hydrogenated fats or trans fats. These fats are associated with the emergence of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, which makes them clear enemies of a good nutrition and a healthy life.

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Without ionizing radiations

We always privilege natural methods of conservation and do not resort to any use of ionizing radiation in our products. Although this technique, which contributes to the delay of maturation, is considered safe by the FDA - as with food additives - we prefer the use of more transparent methods.

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Raw material

Sustainable development is of utmost importance to us.
From its origin and throughout the entire production process, we work closely with our suppliers and staff to ensure we gather ingredients from sustainable productions that are efficiently consumed. Thus, we guarantee:

  • Chocolate, substitutes and cocoa cream from sustainable sources (RA sustainability standard)
  • Palm oil from sustainable sources (RSPO sustainability standard)
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We aim to reduce our ecological footprint. One step at a time.

  • Environmental awareness

    We promote a responsible and environmentally friendly attitude next to all our employees.

  • Reduction of energy consumption and water

    We implement control processes that guarantee more efficient consumption, reducing the use of water and energy.

  • Reducing the carbon footprint

    We promote the reduction of our CO2 emissions through constant monitoring of our entire production cycle. Also with this concern in mind, we have started replacing our vehicles by hybrid or electric models.

  • Waste management

    To enhance the environmental efficiency of our operations, we have implemented a set of global methodologies for better waste management.