We Grow Up Together

  • In 1986, Panike® launched its first product, getting to the Portuguese market the result of a single person’s vision. This ability to believe in an idea forms the basis of Panike® and, to this today, provides the whole team with the perseverance that allows them to do more and do better — every time.
  • In 1988, Panike® began to expand — both in terms of productive capacity and in terms of creation of new products and concepts. The innovative solutions offered within the HORECA channel, along with its own national distribution fleet, turn Panike® into one of the most appreciated brands by consumers.
  • Panike® reaches the peak of its first major growth phase — which leads to the decision to increase its production facilities to ensure greater capacity to respond to customer needs. At this stage, it also integrates the best technology in the sector, enabling other improvements in the quality of its products.
  • The popularity of Panike® leads the public to begin using the brand name as synonymous for a whole category — puff pastry products in general. Across Portugal, a “Ham and Cheese Puff” is now being requested as a “Ham and Cheese Panike®", and the name of the brand definitely enters popular consciousness.
  • By its 10th anniversary, Panike® is already present in the most varied sectors of activity (HORECA Channel, Grand Distribution, Food Service, Restaurant Business, Bakery, Pastry, etc.) and is already considered as one of the most important and popular brands in Portugal in the areas of frozen bakery and frozen pastry.
  • Panike® prepares the new millennium and continues its process of affirmation — all over the country, next to its stakeholders, and with the affection of its consumers. The company conquers new elements of notoriety, being seen as a reference in the agri-food sector for its ability to provide bakery and pastry products that can be prepared quickly and on the moment.
  • 20 years of continuous learning allow Panike® to present a diverse range of products and the ability to come up with the best solutions for all customers — customers who are increasingly at the center of the company’s thinking and with whom it seeks to establish true partnerships.
  • In a time of great challenges, posed by the market and the economic situation, Panike® decides to start a new phase of expansion. Brimming with confidence, it open its new bread manufacturing plant, betting on cutting-edge technology and always focusing on quality.
  • Consumer confidence in its products is Panike®'s biggest bond. Therefore, in 2010, the company decides to invest in process improvements — obtaining the demanding BRC certification and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of food quality and safety. This same year, it is also starts its international expansion, reinforcing its reference status in the sector.
  • 30 years of experience provide Panike® with the ability to pursue new and increasingly engaging challenges. The brand remains attentive to the market and its trends, continuing to provide an excellent response to customers' wishes. This year also witnesses the beginning of the launch of the new Panike® institutional image.


We assume as our responsibility the monitoring and control of the entire value chain. Thus, we are always looking towards:

  • Ensuring the integrity and traceability of raw materials;
  • Producing high quality products with maximum level of food safety;
  • Contributing to the areas of bakery and pastry by developing research and introducing innovative concepts;
  • Helping consumers make better food choices;
  • Continuously improving our sustainability system;
  • Promoting the personal and professional development of our employees;


More than ever, and taking the particularities of modern life into account, we are committed to reducing salt, sugars and fats in our products. To contribute for a better general food balance, we are looking to include premium raw materials such as whole grains.


Food Safety

Food safety is an unrelenting concern for us.
For this reason, we ensure that our industrial units are certified with BRC standards - Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS - International Food Standards. We also implement food defense programs that alert us to any risk of criminal action in the supply chain from its very begging.


The know-how we have gathered from 34 years of experience tells us that in order to have a product of excellence, we need to ensure we always find the right ingredients. This is what we focus on, every day.

Researching and pinpointing the best ingredients is a process we undertake because of our will to provide our customers with the unmistakable Panike® flavor.

Social Awareness

At Panike®, we want to make a difference as a socially participatory economic organization.
We are actively present in the community, providing support to a growing number of institutions year after year.

Our respect for the environment and the community shows itself throughout our activity. Being aware of its importance, we promote actions that contribute to responsible growth.